With a true drive and passion for the outdoors, Brandi is spending every waking moment she can there and sharing her stories and experiences with everyone. With two children she has an intense desire to preserve hunting traditions and pass them onto the future generation. The passion she has to introduce as many people as possible into the hunting wolrd has been a driving force since she started hunting herself. Her only goal is to hunt, educate others, and inspire more to get outdoors and enjoy everything this beautiful world has to offer. 
When Brandi isn't scouting, hunting or preparing for the next season, you can find her on social media engaging with fans and followers of all walks of life. With a thirst for knowledge she has helped to bring fresh perspectives and ideas to help make Deer Passion a competitive and recognizable name. 

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Living in the heart of whitetail country it’s no surprise Elizabeth discovered a passion for hunting deer at a young age. Consistent and successful seasons inspired the birth of Deer Passion as a way to document and connect with other women who shared a similar passion for hunting and the outdoors lifestyle. Understanding the true extent and depth of challenges that women hunters face, Elizabeth’s ultimate goal is to redefine the stereotypes of the hunting world. Simply giving women an outlet to ask questions without fear of recrimination, promoting products that actually do the job, and maximizing family time both in and outdoors, makes Deer Passion the ultimate resource. Connecting daily with women across the country, and across various social media platforms, the goal to educate and inspire others has become a true reality for Deer Passion.

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